25 thoughts on “The Coat: A Story of Charity

    SPREAD THE LOVE that world needs more love and more bonds, stop the division in the world, let’s spread love and charity and care for every human being

  2. Mormonmessages I …
    Mormonmessages I know you read these comments! Please let me know where I can purchase all the great music you feature in your videos. This one especially is wonderful. I’ll be the first to buy it!!

  3. To me, this is what …
    To me, this is what Mormonism is to the core. Who cares what doctrinal differences there are if this is what it is all about? I bet that little boy didn’t care what faith the prophet was.

  4. Amazing. No script …
    Amazing. No script at all, but the message is very clear. Thank you for these video, thanks for sharing your coat.

  5. I’m sure the …
    I’m sure the thought did cross his mind, but he was just a little boy who didn’t know what he was supposed to do.

  6. Heber J Grant …
    Heber J Grant continued to give away treasures to people throughout his life. I have a few signed books that he gave to a family in Logan Utah. I think he gave many books away to friends and family. There are other stories of him giving freely to others that have been shared before.

  7. these are qualities …
    these are qualities whch everyone should follow
    not just mormons
    sadly though most people only follow parts of the bible that suits them and shun the rest
    some people just forget the most important part of any religion
    theres a difference betwen righteousness and self rightesousness and people of all our religions need to realise that otherwise it will put people of religion in general
    ive seen it happen to many times
    great video by the way

  8. The video you’re …
    The video you’re looking for may be the Mormon Message for Youth, “Things as They Really Are.”

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